Saturday, 20 June 2015


I'm not majorly confident about myself but I have noticed over the past years that I have become more confident in myself.  I think confidence all come down to how we see ourselves, whether it's positive or negative it can all have an effect on how we behave.

thought I would share with you how I changed over the past year and what I did to make myself feel more confident.

Start of Year 9 (September-December)
At the start o year 9 I had just come back from having 8 months off school because of a medical reason. During those 8 months I didn't see many people, I would see my family and my friends once or twice a month.  Consequently I lost a lot of my social skills, so going back to school became very stressful.  Luckily when I went back o had all my friends around me who supported me ( even if they didn't know it). My conversational skill were also not great the most I would say is "hi" "how are you" and the other basic stuff.  

At this time I had gotten a bit better at talking to people but I still had that constant thought that people were judging me, even though that probably wasn't the case.  I was findin it easier to talking within my friend ship group but if I was in a class and had to answer a question infront of everyone, I found it hard.  

April-now (June)
April was the time I really started to feel comfortable saying anything, really, around my friends. I think there were two big factors to this: 1 I had to perform infront of around 50-70 people for a school concert. 2 my stepmom told me that whenever I start to feel down or not confident I should repeat these words : I'm fab, I'm confident and have nothing to worry about. I know I am not 100% confident yet, and I may never be 100% but at least I will be as close to it I can get.

Top 3 Tips:
~repeat positive words to yourself
~meet up with friends out side of school/ work
~do something outside your comfort zone

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Favourite Band Right Now!

I have been trying to find some motivational music lately and came across this band on Spotify: We The Kings.  I started making a playlist with songs that made me want to work/ concentrate, and i found myself add most of this bands songs to the playlist.

A Bit About The Band
They are an American Rock band, from Florida.  The band members formed the group while at high school.  They got there band name from the middle school they attended.

These Are Some of My Favourite Songs...
Check Yes Juliet

Die Young Live Forever

Queen of Hearts

Any Other Way

I Feel Alive

What band or artist are you currently loving?

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Empty Products and Review

Since Christmas I have been collecting my used products so I could write this post.  These are what I have used up over the past few months.

I have been using this face scrub for just over a year, it exfoliates your skin without drying it too much.  (I have wrote a post about this product be for you can read it HERE)  It is not expensive, it's about £6.50 from The Body Shop.

It has taken me ages to find the right shampoo and this seems to be it.  My hair gets oily quite quickly so I have to wash it every day if I want to be able to wear my hair down.  It has a citrus fragrance and leaves your hair smelling nice for 12 hours.

I brought this candle just before Christmas and had been burning it over the Christmas holidays. It is a fruity scent and the smell fills the room within an hour of burning it.  

I brought this around Christmas time and got about three-four uses out of it and it's great. It's is a milky solution with small exfoliating bits in it. The scrub paired with the body butter, leaves your skin moisturised and smooth for 2-3 days. Also it makes you smell nice.

I was given this as a birthday present last year by a friend. It came in a set of six with 3 different scents. 

This was another Christmas gift. I had been brought the set twice so when I finished this can I was glad I had another. I'm not into body sprays that much so I would never have brought this for myself but I glad I did get it.

Theses are what I have used up over the past few months.  What products have you finished and would recommend purchasing?