Thursday, 20 November 2014

Christmas: Tag

So it's nearly Christmas (yay) so i thought i would do a Christmas Tag.

  1. What Is Your Favourite Festive Food?  Christmas pudding
  2. Favourite Reindeer?  Rudolf (because it the first one that comes to mind)
  3. Favourite Christmas Song?  So this is Christmas
  4. Favourite Christmas Film?  Love Actually 
  5. Favourite Christmas Colours?  Red, green and gold
  6. Do You Like To Dress Up For Christmas or Wear PJ's?  PJ's on Christmas day, and I dress up on Christmas eve when I go out.
  7. Have You Ever Made a Ginger Bread House?  No
  8. Do You Have Any Christmas/ Christmas eve Traditions?  Every Christmas Eve every one from my Dads side of the family go to my sisters for the evening
  9. Do You Have a Christmas tree? No, we use to have one.
  10. Where Do You Usually Spend Christmas?  I spend Christmas day at home, but Christmas eve at my sisters

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

favourite candles

Its the time of the year when you start to light candles a lot more to make your room or house smell nice (or just for some extra heat).  I have 3 favourites at the moment,m they are all Yankee Candles and all smell great.  Garden Sweet Pea,  Black Coconut, Cranberry Ice.

Cranberry Ice was the first Yankee Candle i had and instantly fell in love with the scent. It is sweet but not over powering.

Black Coconut is nice but it is not a strong smell when it is lit.  

Garden Sweet Pea is probably my favourite one of the three. It has a Sweet smell and is strong, i have also found that it ligures for a long time after the flame has been blown out.

What are your favourite candles??